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We've got a Nintendo Switch and we're darn well going to tell you ALL about it!

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We've bought an electric car! Let us tell you all about our thought process and our analysis of the ultra-low emissions car market today. Here's the apps we talk about in the show:

Nissan Connect

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Today we natter about a grab bag of topics including bedtime routine, email for kids, turning off the internet, Lego Boost and Kuri. We even answer a year old audio comment! So relevant and topical as always..

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This week we talk mostly about pen and paper RPGs and the fun we've been having playing Pathfinder - a D&D relation. We also talk about a fantastic podcast called The Glass Cannon Podcast which has taught us a huge amount about role playing and the rules of Pathfinder. And then finally we respond to a listener comment talking about how kids can be allowed to message each other using phones and tablets using an unexpectedly classic app! Check the 30 minute mark if you want to skip past all the Pathfinder nerdery.

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Today we talk about a hunt we've been on for a little while to find messaging and social media apps for kids. We talk about what's features those apps should have an why almost nothing fits the bill.

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Today we backfill some of the things that happened to us in the last year while we've not been recording, especially the loss of John's mum, Joan and how that affected the family.

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Today we're back with a new setup and a new release process all designed to make recording and releasing shows as easy as possible. We witter about that for a couple of minutes, then we witter about Amazon Echo and how freaking awesome it's been for our family.

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