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Welcome back to another episode of Parental Geekery where John and Ruth chat all things parenting and geeky. This week Ruth is getting back in to amateur dramatics and talks about the play she is going to be in at the end of March. We've had a little bit of feedback on family gaming following [...]
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We've got something a little bit special with you on this week's episode of Parental Geekery. We have our first ever guest as we are joined by Andy Robertson, better known as Geek Dad Gamer to talk about family gaming. Andy tells us about his family, and the games they enjoy playing. We talk a [...]
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In this week's episode Ruth is feeling sorry for herself as she's been poorly. We run through the feedback we've received so far on our question about Santa from last week's episode. Special thanks to Betsy for her audio comments. We do (another) quick plug for the other podcast John appears in - the Love [...]
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Welcome back to Parental Geekery - our first show of 2014. We took a little break from podcasting over Christmas and today we talk about what we did during the holidays. You can also read about our Christmas over on Ruth's blog. We discovered that we have a difference of opinion as to how Father [...]
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