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Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Parental Geekery. Today we are celebrating the arrival of John's Panasonic GX7, which is his birthday present. We also explain why there was no show this week, and Ruth talks about how much work she's still got to do before Christmas. We talk about the Hour of Code [...]
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Welcome back to this week's episode of Parental Geekery, and as it's December we're going to start talking about Christmas. We want to know when you put your Christmas decorations up. The big news this week is that we've managed to get our hands on a Chromecast - we talk about our first impression of [...]
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Another week, another episode of Parental Geekery, and this week we open with a very important question - what does the fox say? We've finally taken the sides off David's cot, and invested in another Gro Clock. Hear how his transition to a "big boy bed" is going. We talk a bit about Google+. We'd [...]
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Welcome back to this week's episode of Parental Geekery. We start off talking some more about John's new obsession with yoyos and tell the story of the first event in our life that made Ruth exclaim "podcast fodder!!" We're both experiencing the pain of waiting - Ruth for her new iPad mini and John for [...]
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I know, I know, I know. Mere DAYS after releasing Episode 27, we're back again with episode 28. We really are serious about recording on a weekly basis now, although we're not doing as well at keeping the duration to about 30 minutes as we could do... In tonights thrilling installment we kick off with [...]
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Welcome back to another episode of Parental Geekery, and our plan is for this to be the first of many more regular, possibly shorter shows. We're getting back into our groove We talk all about Catherine's 6th birthday, what it's like to be the parents of a six year old, and how the party went. [...]
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Ruth and John are back after a short break, which they explain is because they didn't feel able to podcast over the summer whilst experiencing sleep problems with Catherine. They are now able to provide an update on how things are going. They both send a big thank you to Fi from childcareisfun for her help [...]
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Welcome back to another episode of Parental Geekery, where we're celebrating our first birthday - yay! We talk about our recent holiday in France, which included David's first flight (on Ryanair). John had the exciting experience of driving on the right in an unfamiliar car, and became a guide parent again, which was quite a [...]
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We open this episode of Parental Geekery by talking about the complete U-turn Microsoft have taken over the Xbox One after we talked about it in our previous show. We then move on to discuss David Cameron and the recent demands he's made on UK ISPs to block porn to all households. John gets a [...]
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Welcome back to another episode of Parental Geekery, which is out of date before it's even published. More about that later... John talks about his "Dad bloggers" evening out with Harman - you can read more about this on Ruth's blog. We got a preview of the new Sea Life Centre in Manchester and talk [...]
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This episode of Parental Geekery is completely devoted to John talking about his experiences at the Thinking Digital conference. We take a tour through the schedule, covering the following: Sugata Mitra and his TED video Mike Bracken and his work on the site. Alex Reben and his robots Ruth sneaks in a quick recommendation [...]
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We open the show with the magnificent Chris Hadfield and his cover version of Space Oddity. We run through the recent Google announcements from Google I/O, whilst coping with the technical challenge of John breaking Ruth's microphone and fixing it again (with gaffer tape)! You can read the full list of Google I/O announcements here. [...]
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Catherine opens the show with her very special version of the lion sleeps tonight and we talk about how the recording came into existence  This leads on to an explanation of the game invented by the inimitable Sally Whittle named "I can only hear you when you're singing"... We speculate on whether David is musical, and [...]
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We open our show this week with an extract from the film The Hunt for Red October Catherine is off school for the Easter holidays, and Ruth has two weeks off work to look after her and wants to know where she gets her boundless energy from?! We talk about Ruth and Catherine's recent visit [...]
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Welcome back to another episode of Parental Geekery. We open the show with some quotes from one of our all-time favourite movies - The Princess Bride. We share an update on John's facial hair, which we haven't talked about since Movember. you can find out if he's still shaving or has reverted back to full [...]
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We open with a classic Blackadder moment, for no reason other than we like it and wanted to share. In our show today we work through the Sunday Times' list of 14 tech things that parents should know. We're working off the list published over on Bernie Goldbach's blog as it was impossible to get [...]
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It's Her Royal Highness' Matched Luggage. A quote from one of our favourite films. Find out what Catherine did this week that made that quote come to mind. Junk modelling - love it or hate it? Ruth makes her feelings known on the subject. David seems to have started getting cheeky - we talk about [...]
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We open our show this week with some Monty Python, and John then points out a similarity between that and  a certain John Williams theme. We give our take on the current horse meat scandal that has rocked Europe this week. We talk about things we've tried recently to make our meal planning easier, including [...]
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Happy New Year! It's our first show of 2013, and we talk about what we've been doing since our last show. We open with a slightly embarrassing revelation about Ruth's music taste, and the revelations continue with new of Catherine's first boyfriend! As our last show was before Christmas we spend a bit of time talking about [...]
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